Measurements and Methods


  • Eye-Tracking
  • Self-paced reading times
  • Psychophysiological arousal
  • Slider
  • Real-time response measurement
  • Lexical decision task
    • German word lists available for: aggression, emotional instability, fun, relaxation, immersion, social interaction, achievement (competition), neutral words, and non-words
  • Implicit Association Test (IAT)
  • Single Category Implicit Association Test (SC-IAT)
    • OpenSesame file available for: Revenge and Law as main categories and Morality as associated category (Polish, English, Dutch)
  • Recognition task
  • Affective priming
    • OpenSesame file available for smoking (un)related situations (Dutch)
  • Response latencies
    • Smoking (un)related situations
    • Self-esteem (German positive, negative adjectives)
    • Cultural Worldview for Heavy Metal items
  • Free recall
  • Explicit attitudes
  • Categorization tasks
  • Ratings
  • Content analyses
  • Development of various scales
  • Interviews
  • Focus Groups


Downloads of stimulus materials, pre-tested word lists for lexical decision task and several IATs coming soon.