The fogland game: Creating and validating a paper prototype of a game to fight smokers’ needs for relaxation and social contacts.

Nobody starts or keeps on smoking in order to damage health. Therefore, the positive outcomes for smoking are still more important than the negative ones and these positive outcomes have to be challenged. However, most intervention programs still focus on the negative outcomes smoking has but do not attack the main reasons why someone started and keeps on smoking: social aspects (e.g., smoking in groups, being cool) and stress reduction. These motives need to be targeted in order to reduce the positive outcomes of smoking. In order to help smokers to quit smoking we developed a serious game in which 1) positive effects of smoking are constantly attacked, 2) playing the game helps to distract from craving (“doing something else”), and 3) other ways to deal with stress and social aspects besides smoking are taught. The framework for fogland is based on own research results concerning intervention programs (Glock & Kneer, 2009; Kneer, Glock, & Rieger, 2012). fogland was created as a board game and is a collaboration with the games developer &Ranj from Rotterdam and was funded by NWO, KIEM.

Please watch the video for the board design and our results on effectiveness 🙂

Female Player: Doris Bagijn

Male Player: Vincent Dankelman

Voice Over: Dr. Ruud Jacobs

Camera: Michaël Bas

Editor: Ray Borggreve

Script: Dr. Julia Kneer, Michaël Bas, Prof. Dr. Jeroen Jansz